Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

If you have a fondness for mountains, Zermatt is where you should be, as you consider the next family vacation. It is known as a car-free town, and is situated in the Valais Canton, at a height of 1600 meters. Zermatt is a haven for those who don’t wish to be disturbed because they are about to embark on an adventurous holiday with family.

Why come to Zermatt?

Did you know that Matterhorn, one of the world’s most well-known mountain ranges, which is famous for its stunning vistas, looms over the central part of Zermatt? Matterhorn is in its glory at 4,478 meters, with an additional 28 peaks that are clearly visible from the Gornergrat mountain railway station. Apart from the beautiful views, there are several walking trails, and areas for skiing and snowboarding. The cuisine here is amazing – some of the top chefs in the world work here at top-class five-star hotels, so you can rest assured you won’t forget about the food! Please remember that peak ski season is late November and early May, but year-round skiing is possible on some glaciers due to the height of Klein Matterhorn cable car station. If you wish to come here in summer, mid-June to early October works great.

Walking Tours

One of the ideal ways to know about Zermatt, the tour begins at its railway concourse, followed by the bustling Bahnofstrasse, which is a broad strip dotted with restaurants, cafes, boutiques, jewelry stores, shops selling outdoor equipment etc. Zermatt’s church and Matterhorn Museum are also musts – kindly take a moment to pay homage to the climbers who have lost their lives to the mountains surrounding this place. You will cover some more landmarks such as the lower Glacier paradise cable car station before the tour ends.


There are 3 major skiing spots situated here on the eastern part of the valley with varying altitudes. You can also try at skating at the natural and artificial ice rinks. If boarding is what you prefer, check out the two snowboard parks and two man-made half-pipes. Don’t forget the plethora of activities at the resorts post-skiing.

If you wish to attend Zermatt with family during a particular event or festival, advance booking is a must, or else you won’t get a single place to put up in after reaching here. Make the reservations in advance to avoid last-minute problems. Zermatt has something for everyone – there is no chance of getting bored!