Life style events

Life style events

Efficient and Dependable Event Planning Services

Event management was a highly underrated profession a few years back. No one would have thought of hiring professionals to plan events like a wedding or conference. Large scale events were the only time when people thought of calling in event planners. However, the scenario has changed drastically and regardless of the size of the affair, a professional touch is often the only difference between a successful and failed event.

At La Vie En Style, we have dabbled with strategic advertising and communication tools, and planned several events such as corporate seminars, theme parties, wine tasting get-togethers, concerts, drag races, fashion shows, weddings, and so on. Starting from product launches to press conferences, we know exactly how to proceed while devising promotional elements for clients.

This is what we offer:

  • Hassle-free planning – Every event needs to be planned thoroughly and with professionals like us on board, we see to every big and small tasks, which reduces your stress and tension a great deal. Rest assured the ultimate control rests with you – we welcome and incorporate any feedback from your end. Our job is to intercept problems and pull off the event without a hitch.
  • Contacting vendors and specialists is a tedious and time-consuming task, but it can be streamlined with the right resources,. Caterers, florists, lighting, decorations, etc. – we have a network of reputed individuals so we can present a number of options, and all you need to do is take your pick.
  • Negotiations are the next step after getting in touch with vendors. Let us take care of this part, as we have skilled negotiators on our team when it comes to contracts with suppliers and vendors. They can help to reduce the prices, while ensuring your wishes are fulfilled at the same time.
  • One of the most crucial aspects of event management is to keep the budget in check, as miscellaneous and unforeseen expenditures could cause it to spiral out of control. As experienced event planners, we can anticipate and map out expected costs, make room for unforeseen events, and keep tabs on the overall budget to ensure it doesn’t go haywire.
  • Nothing should be ignored or left to chance – what might seem like an unimportant detail, might turn out to be quite the opposite. Being a highly detail-oriented establishment, we don’t overlook anything. We understand that different events and occasions have varied requirements, so they are executed accordingly.
  • Choosing a theme could be trickier than you imagined – going for the wrong one can turn an event into a disaster. For instance, if you pick a theme with a subtle racist angle that you are unaware of; clients at the event might take it the wrong way and become angry. We conduct thorough research on the attendees and everyone associated with the affair to ensure the theme is a sure-shot hit, while being unique and visually appealing.
  • We emphasize a lot on flexibility – the level of your involvement is completely your choice. If you want to remain in the loop from the beginning till the end, we will certainly accommodate your request. On the other hand, if you wish to be involved with just the major decisions, that can be arranged too.
  • Planning an event single-handedly takes a lot of time, so juggling your other tasks while mapping out details for events could be problematic. Let us undertake this responsibility so you can focus on other important matters that need your attention.

For more information regarding events and our services, kindly get in touch with us over phone or shoot an email. We hope to form a long-term partnership and continue providing superior services for years to come.