Lifestyle & Concierge services

Lifestyle & Concierge services

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Young couple is having a back massage at the spa centre.

A Perfectly Organized Holiday Awaits You

Concierge services have moved way beyond a person standing stiffly behind desks and bowing deferentially to clients. It is now a premium lifestyle service offered by top hotels, resorts, and other establishments, as it imparts a classy and polished ambience. To put it in a nutshell, concierge services spare the hassle and effort spent in arranging recreational activities while you are on vacation, so you can devote your time to indulging and really enjoying them.

At La Vie En Style, we provide a variety of Concierge and Lifestyle Services, so you can experience your holiday without stress and worry. Take a look:

Personal shoppers

Be it Australia, America, or Europe, no holiday is complete without a spot of retail therapy! We provide a fully qualified personal shopper to literally lend a hand during this very important task. In case there is a language problem, our shoppers are well-versed with local languages and dialects, and can be of great help while communicating and especially negotiating on prices. If you are lucky, you might land some lucrative discounts too. Personal shoppers are versatile, and can assist you in getting clothes, jewelry, makeup, perfume, crockery, sunglasses, shoes, and various other items, You can also ask for suggestions while buying souvenirs for family and friends – they will provide suitable recommendations.

Beauty salons & spas

Time for some pampering to wash away all tiredness and strain that has accumulated in the past few days! We will book you into some of the most reputed salons and spas so you can avail all the luxurious facilities offered there. Hot stones and Swedish massages is a very popular choice, as it helps to relax and loosen knots in your lower back and shoulders. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep during the massage! There is an option for couple’s massage too, where you lay down beside your partner in separate beds, while the massages are done simultaneously. Mud baths are also gaining favor along with steam baths and sauna. Standard features such as facials, hair cut, coloring & styling, pedicures & manicures, waxing, etc. are also available.

Lounges & pubs

Visiting a place for the very first time? Don’t have any idea about the nightlife? At La Vie En Style, we keep you thoroughly entertained at all times. We maintain an updated list of some of the best lounges, pubs, and bars, so we can make reservations accordingly. We will need a detailed itinerary for the bookings – popular places get pretty crowded, especially on weekends, so we might need to make reservations well in advance if there are live performances, or a renowned DJ is belting out the tracks. Lounges and pubs are great for unwinding while sipping on sparkling wine or a delicious cocktail and listening to some foot-tapping music.


Want to try Chinese cuisine? In the mood for Mexican food? Or do you want some steak and prime ribs? Let us know your preference, and we will recommend some of the best restaurants in town for lunch or dinner. We are also familiar with specialties – at a certain resto you might get a scrumptious clam chowder, while another place could whip up the creamiest lobster bisque, and yet another eatery may be famous for desserts – this is the one-stop information hub. Tasteful decorations, comfy ambience, and appetizing food – that’s what you want, right? Just sit back, and let us do our job – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Lifestyle and Concierge Services isn’t an additional feature or an afterthought anymore. Want to know more about our services? To talk to our representative, please get in touch with us through phone or email.